Do you have an html site and want to increase traffic? Are you syndicating your html pages manually?

RSS Feeds are a great way to boost traffic. In fact Wordpress users have been doing it for years and all hands free. Unfortunately for us who use html pages, we have to create our feeds manually if we want to syndicate our pages to our IFTTT properties. This manual work ends today!!!

Syndicate MPC Pages With FeedMakr...

Syndicate static html (Mass Page Creator) pages automatically and bring more traffic to your money sites. Making your content more visible on the web is a great way to attract new visitors to your pages. And that is exactly what we help you do.

Automatic Web2.0 Syndication

IFTTT Syndication

Share your content on Web2.0 properties even if your website is built in html.

FeedMakr makes it easy to send and share your static pages across the web. This is something that has never been commercially available for static pages before.

Most feed creators out there will require your manual input and this is a major pain even under normal circumstances.

But if you have hundreds or thousands of pages on your site it becomes almost impossible to do. Until today that is. With FeedMakr all you have to do is chuck in your feed url, enter your ftp details and set a schedule for the posting and you're done.

Get Backlinks On Autopilot

Feed Links

FeedMakr will automatically create backlinks on high autorithy properties, forcing your rankings to go up while your Domain Autorithy (DA) increases.

What makes it so effective is that your don't need to babysit it either. You just set and forget and FeedMakr will continue running in the background building links while you concentrate on other parts of your business.

FeedMakr is the easiest way to leverage your content and take it to the next level. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get your content syndicated on auto-pilot, right now.

Perfect Tool For Mass Page Builders To Syndicate Content

When you build mass pages using Wordpress you CAN NOT automatically syndicate your content simply because the default WP funtion will overwhelm the system. If on the other hand you are using static html pages, well... they don't auto-create feeds to begin with. Until now!

Regular RSS Schedules

Nothing helps you ranks better, quicker and is more hands-off than regularly syndicating your content on Web2.0 and Social accounts. Once you set up your schedules with FeedMakr you can simply walk away and let it finish the queue while you're working on your next project. Simple, Clean and totally Hands-Free.

You could set from 1 to "unlimited" url's in the system and walk away. FeedMakr will continue working in the background syndicating your content all over the web.

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